Saturday, 17 March 2007

The Life of the Southpoint Sophomores

"The Life of a Sophomore Student"

The sophomores, with the most number of students in the high school division, are notorious for their noises in the whole school. When people ask, "Sino ang maingay?" they always think it is the 2nd year that is very noisy. "It is the second time that I'm reprimanding you second year! Do you own this building? Do you own this room? Be a model to the first year!" These are the familiar lines of one of the high school teachers.

Everyday, they are always scolded by their teachers because of their disturbing noises and boisterous laughs that can disturb other classes. There is no time that they are quiet. But sometimes, even though they laugh and make noise, they take their studies very seriously. Especially ALGEBRA. Because of its irritating numbers, signs and breath-taking equations, it makes their afternoon very sleepy and tiring. But their teacher always tells them, "Try and try until you get the answer. Patience is a virtue!"

The 2nd year also loves adventures and loves all kinds of stuffs. They are also trying to speak in English because it is one of the school rules that a student must abide. Most of the times, they tend to forget about that rule. Anyway, they all have different personalities; each one of them is unique in every way.

The Sophomores are good in playing the guitar, badminton, volleyball, Soccer and a whole lot more. They have creative minds that are different from other people. With their beautiful adviser, Mrs. Judith C. Bacarro, this class is unique in any way.

BE STRONG! That's the true spirit of a sophomore and a southie.

Written by: Neil Matutino (2nd Year Sophomore '06-'07)

Saturday, 10 March 2007

The Covenant

The Covenant

An ancient secret threatens to unleash the powers of darkness on a group of modern prep school students when the sole survivor of a cursed bloodline returns to lay claim to the powers denied to him centuries ago in a supernatural teen thriller from director Renny Harlin and screenwriter J.S. Cardone. The story begins in 1692, when five families from the Ipswich Colony of Massachusetts formed a covenant of silence that would forever protect their remarkable powers. One family went too far, though, and as a result of their transgression they were forever banished from the land. Flash forward to the new millennium and the four Sons of Ipswich are now the student elite at the prestigious Spenser Academy. Bound by their sacred ancestry and sworn to silence, these four teens share a secret so remarkable that it has served to protect their families for hundreds of years. The past has a way of coming back when you least expect it though, and when the fifth Son of Ipswich returns seeking to harness the powers denied him in the past, the battle is on to ensure the safety of The Covenant and lay the one descendent who threatens to reveal their secret to rest once and for all. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

This movie is really good...And the guy who plays Caleb is really cool...his real name is "Steven Strait." He also played as Warren Peace in the movie "Sky High." nwei...try watching might enjoy it as much as i did...^__^

Sunday, 4 March 2007

It's Hard..

i don't know why...but when my sister cries..i feel her pain..i can feel what she's going through..though i don't really exactly know what the problem is..

it feels really hard..really something heavy inside...telling me to cry...i don't know why...i just feel like feels like my heart is soffucating..maybe i'm just sensitive or something..but it's just so hard...

maybe all siblings feel this way..maybe even though your ages are apart..but you feel her/him..their pain...and their happiness..they're something that bonds you with your siblings...

so no matter how you think you hate your siblings..yo
u can't deny that fact that you love them deep inside your love you're siblings..coz they are apart of you...without them life wouldn't be what it is..wouldn't be that complete...


"Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there." ~Amy Li

Just Like having a brother...^___^