Sunday, 26 August 2007

Where to start!!! *I always have problems with how to start my entry..LOL* Anyway my blog entry title today would be “BLOOPERS!!” I’m guessing that you wanna ask why? Well… it’s because I have experienced a lot of Blooper moments today. [1] During the soccer tournament I became a laughing stock. [2] I was left behind. And [3] I went in the mall in a not so presentable state. Today I also had a lot of interesting activities… [1] Davao Soccer Tournament. [2] SM City Davao Cosplay event. I also had a coincidental meeting with three old classmates. And played basketball in an arcade and not minding the other people… *the basketball game that scores and is in a machine… Sorry, I don’t know what it’s called…* I was really very loud. I started teasing my friends and just having fun.


[1] During the Soccer Tournament I became a laughing stock.

So my story goes like this. Today our Girls’ Soccer Team had a soccer tournament with all Girls’ Soccer Team in Davao. We had 3 games and won 1 out of 2. During our 2nd game we had a really tough time. To make the story short I was about to kick the ball when my Soccer shoes slipped. *It slipped because it was already loose while I was playing but I hadn’t had time to tie it again.* I didn’t know what to do. I was too shocked. <-- Well, my face looked something like this. Do you get the picture? In my mind I was thinking of how to pass it to my teammates. Then the other teams started to go near me to get the ball. I started to fret. If you were there you will surely see my face confused with what to do. *I’m actually laughing at myself right now. BWHAHA… ~~, V embarrassing* I wasn’t thinking anymore. It felt like my hands moved on its own and grabbed the ball which was obviously a foul!!! Then when I finally realized that I was holding It, I let go of the ball and closed my eyes. And, of course people’s reaction was like *BWAHAHA!!!* It was really embarrassing. *Another reason why my shoe lace got loose very easily was because it rained hard last night and the Soccer Field was really wet and muddy and watery too. So our shoes would always get stuck in the mud and made it really heavy.* And that’s the story of BLOOPER MOMENT #1.

[2] I was left behind.

After the game, my friends and I decided to eat lunch in the mall and join the Anime Convention or Cosplay Event. We were getting a taxi when I saw a friend, I waved at them and sad goodbye and then when I looked at my left side I started to fret again when I didn’t see my friends on the spot I last saw them. *Have you seen those scenes in animes’ when a character looks away for a moment and get carried away by his speech that when he turns back to the person he is talking to, they are gone? Well, it looked like that. With the blinking blinking effect on the spot where the person your talking to should be. Anyway, do you get the picture? * When I faced the road they were already crossing. They were at the other side. And I, left on the other. And what’s worst? I DON’T KNOW HOW TO CROSS THE ROAD BY MYSELF. Yes, it’s quite a shame because I’m already old. I should really know this stuffs’. Even 1st graders now a day knows this. My friends started laughing at me. They told me to cross when there were no cars passing anymore. And YATTA!!! I did it on my own!!! It felt good to achieve something with your own hard work. After all these incidents my friends started calling me “The Silent Joker.” I don’t say anything but the way I act makes everybody laugh. As if I’m joking around when I’m not, it’s purely blooper moments. Am I that clumsy? But I’m happy that I make them laugh with my mistakes… ^^V

[3] I went in the mall in a not-so-presentable state.

After me and my friends washed of the dirt from our faces and hands, we made a dare to go in the mall wearing our dirty soccer outfits and roam around for a bit. I thought it was fun and said ok. When we were actually at the mall everybody kept starring… Ah!!! Really embarrassing and foolish of us to do right? I think so too… well everything’s said and done. So we really went in and were told by the guard to change our clothes first before roaming around. We had no choice but to change. Some girls made signs behind our backs that we were stinking. It was really quite foolish of us… bwahaha… but it was really fun. And that’s the end of my BLOOPER MOMENTS!!

Well…I think that would be it… lol… don’t be too clumsy!!! Wahehe… don’t follow me because I’m get too clumsy just like today… too much blooper moments in one day is not good.^^V

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