Friday, 31 August 2007

My Bestfriend

August 31, 2007

Today I had the chance to be reunited with my Bestfriends. I haven't seen them for years and I really missed them a lot. Not seeing each other for quite so long was giving all of us a hard time starting a conversation though we all try to get rid of the awkward feeling. We sometimes end up being silent because we don't know what to say to each other anymore. It's hard. Anyway, I guess nothing has changed much from the last time I saw them or have spent time with them. I was almost disappointed. Well, actually I was really disappointed. LOL... I have a guy bestfriend and he always comes to school when I'm always out. I don't know why but we always don't have the chance to see each other. When comes to school I'm already out and on the way home. And today he passed by school with his scouting uniform on [Yeah, he's really active in scouting] but unfortunately like other days we didn't see each other. Arghh... I was out with friends in my classmate's house and no one told me that he was coming by that afternoon. I thought he was going to attend the program in school but maybe he won't, that was what I thought. So I spent a few hours feeling disappointed. Bwahaha. But I'm relieved that he did come by that night.LOL. Finally saw his face. He went with my cousin and talking to him makes me feel really happy. Actually some people thought we were MORE THAN BESTFRIENDS [You know, like boyfriend-girlfriend type?]. But I think there's nothing more than having a bestfriend. And having a bestfriend is more than having a boyfriend right? I think so. LOL. Well, he keeps on telling my cousin that we did have a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship which wasn't true at all. He keeps on making me laugh. He also spoke to my Korean classmate and I think she had fun because my bestfriend was trying hard to speak english. He also kept on asking me, "Kumusta ka na darl? [How are you darl?]" And kept answering back that I was ok but he doesn't seem to believe me. I told him that school's harder and tougher than last year. I'm having a hard time catching up and all.. And we just talked and laughed, took pictures. Though only spent a few minutes together it was really fun and made me feel relieved and happy for some reason. He told me that he was coming back on Tuesday and that I should wait for him because the reason why he's only coming to school was because of me and her crush. And he did all the sweet-talks boys always do... Bwahaha. But I know him better than anybody else [I think?!].

See yah!!!

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