Monday, 3 September 2007

Kidapawan Trip/New Works.

I went to Kidapawan City with my parents last Saturday. The trip was fun though before leaving I was crying because of my little brother going overboard. LOL... When it gets to my little brother or older sister I really get sensitive easily. I don't know why. They are the ones who makes me cry really easy. I tried not to cry because I don't want to spoil the trip but I end up crying.Hahayz... I took quite a few pictures of the views while in the car... *i'll post them up when I've got more time.* And because my cousin has a Adobe Photoshop on her computer I did as much as I could because we still can't find an Adobe Photoshop installer. That's why I can't make icons and banners and wallpapers. LOL... It has been a hobby of mine to edit pics. And here are my Current Works. Hope you like it. Their actually headers. LOL... Credit me if you wanna use it...^^ And Leave A comment that you wanna use it so I can send you the original w/ the dimension 500x500...

I'll be updating soon with the pictures from the trip... Ciao!!!


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