Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Chilly Tuesday

♫Kay Lamig ng Simoy ng Hangin♫
{The cold scent of the air...}

I have been singing this song ever since the first day of September {Happy Birthday to ate September!!!}... LOL... It's already BER month!!! I can feel the Christmas Spirit... ^^ The air's been chilly here and the sun doesn't show up often. I love the weather...It's not too hot nor too cold...LOL...

Anyway...Something fun and interesting!!!LOL... I have a bestfriend and she's pretty and we have the same interests!!! ANIME!!! WE ♥ ANIME a lot... We even portray and pretend to be them sometimes... LOL...Since the wind was blowing hard, leaves from trees fall down like "sakuras" or cherry blossoms...So my best friend and I always made a wish everytime we catch a leaf falling from the trees during this time. I caught two and gave her the other one because she didn't get any. We made a wish and threw the leaves in the air. It was fun...

Hmmmmm....what else... nothing much...



Recently finished Movie or Drama:
Sunflower {Korean Movie}
Hana Kimi Japan Episode 10 w/out SUBS...
Welcome to Dongmakgol {Korean Movie}

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