Sunday, 30 September 2007

It's fun going out...

Well... Nothing much...
I just realized how fun it is to go out of the house once in a while.
I learned that just driving around the city is fun too.

I went with my dad to fetch my brother from his bestfriend's house {coz he was invited to stay overnight there} and also to drop my older sister to the location of their new school.
My sister's new school is bigger than the old one and much more colorful.
I haven't gone inside it yet and it's not really finished too...
After dropping her and her friend there, we went by Bistro Rosario to get something to give for the parents of my brother's bestfriend.
We got them the 'Brazo de Marcedes.'
It actually looks plain on the outside but I guess it's yummy. Haven't tasted it yet but I assure you that it tastes good because every cake or desert Bistro Rosario makes are the BEST!
My favorite cake there is 'Mango Charlotte.' Yummy!!! Makes me want to eat.

*Back to the Story*

After buying we went to Luigi's house, my younger brother's bestfriend, and knocked on the door. After a minute, my brother went out and I handed the cake to the ate who went out.
When we were about to leave I started to spot Korean kids running around... And they look really cute...Bwahaha...I really wanted to take a pic of them. Then my brother told me that maybe they were from the Korean preschool nearby. They were walking hand in hand with their two mentors I guess. I looked at them while driving away. And I guess their teacher saw me because when I smiled she smiled back though the car window was closed and it was tainted but I guess she saw me.

Hmm...Well...I'm currently studying English and Geometry because I failed in them. And I need to get back on track...Hayz...It's gonna harsh...^^

They make me want to do more!!! And not fail again!

Thanks to GOD!!!
Thanks to my PARENTS!!!
Thanks to my CR BUDDIES who were always there for me...
Thanks to my SIBLINGS!!!
Thanks to MYSELF for not giving up...


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