Sunday, 9 September 2007

A Post Dedicated to the People Who Helped me!! {and whom I LOVE}

angelblush - My real life older sister!!! She's pretty. An entrepreneur, a genius....A good friend... A loving sister...^^ She's my everything...I LOVE HER!!!! She's a blogger so she's got lot's of blogs. But now she seldom blogs already because she's been busy with business...^^

paolo - My little Brother...He's my exact opposite when it comes to sensitivity. He's Insensitive while I'm oversensitive. But we will oversome our own differences.LOL^^

rudbwoy74 - My ever so SWEET Kuya!!! Onii-chan...My Protector...My everything... He always reminds me to stay out of trouble and also to look at both sides of the road when crossing. He is a funny older brother. He always makes me laugh and smile. And is always by my sides... He is very unpredictable, very talented and loving. That's my brother!!!

divineelf - My onee-chan!!! My ate!!! Teacher. Like kuya she is very funny and loving. Talented. ^^ She's my everything too...^^ and I LOVE HER.

razpee - My other onee-chan... My onii-chan's gf... My onee-chan's Lucky Charm. She's pretty, funny and he loves my onii-chan and onee-chan. ^^

anarez - a very good friend. She's a friend of everybody...^^ she loves japanese dramas than tawainese dramas. She also has a blog. {Anarez's Blog}

nomanymore - Thanks to you!!!I got to watch Detective Conan Live, Hana Kimi Japan episode 10 and trailer for episode 11 and thanks for sharing everything...!!!♥♥♥Thanks a lot!!!

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