Tuesday, 18 September 2007

My Teachers

Well, this post is dedicated to my very dedicated adviser, Geometry Teacher and also my English Literature Teacher for picking teaching than being a lawyer or somebody successful...

Our Teacher is a very intelligent woman. And really has high expectations for us because she knows that we can do more. I really can see her efforts while she's teaching us because even though sometimes when she has to have bed rest, she still goes to school and teach us.

She is a very Noble teacher. She's teaching us but all we give her is stress which is not good for her baby. We try hard to make her smile and proud of us. She's really gracious. She gives us Removal Exams when we fail but also teaches us not to depend on Removals and try to do more. To be more...

She's very talented. I could say that my teacher is a REAL GENIUS. A very organized woman... When she starts to talk all you can do is stare at her and be amazed at how could she is with everything she does. She knows almost everything... I really love her though sometimes I get nervous when she stares at me while she's talking. I don't know why. I can't look straight at her sometimes...^^

Anyway, All I can say right now about my teacher is she's very

I love this song... I think teacher will also love this song if she hears it...

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