Monday, 3 September 2007

Sermon Day~~

Today was such a very tiring and full of sermon for all of the 3rd Year SPS High school students. From the early morning Flag Ceremony always held every Monday 'till the second to the last subject for the day it was jam-packed of SERMON. It was really depressing for us. Though my classmates didn't show how bad they felt about all the sermon and all the comparing the teachers did. I mean I'm not blaming anybody, especially not the teachers. It's just that it's sad that we can't live up to their expectations. They say that we are the only batch that almost half of the class failed.

Like we always do, we disappointed our teachers again. Our over-all performance for the Periodical Exam wasn't that impressive. Half of the class failed almost every subject and the teachers didn't know what to do with us or how to teach us anymore. I can see how stressed they are because of us. I know that it's especially hard for our pregnant adviser.

I don't know if my classmates are really doing their best or are just ignoring the efforts our teachers' give us. I'm trying hard to get motivated with school. I personally feel quite unmotivated to go to school sometimes. I don't know why but I sometimes want to escape school and make excuses to go home. One of our teachers' told us that junior year is a really crucial and the hardest part of High School Life. We are barely just beginning our 2nd Grading Period and we're already having a hard time.

My grades are actually lower than my normal grades when I was on my sophomore year. Our teachers' said that there's just something wrong with our "ATTITUDES". We have been hearing this word quite often during our teachers' sermons. They say we need to improve on our comprehension because we are really very low with it. And I guess my teachers are right. We read without understand what we are reading. I sometimes get confused with what I should do. I get too conscious with everything I do because maybe I am doing things the wrong way... God really is challenging all of us to survive this part of our High School Life... Hard but it makes us stronger. God really is amazing especially when he challenges us. And God doesn't give challenges that we aren't able to pass... God really is expecting us to do our best...LOL... I LOVE YOU LORD!!! wahehe..God really loves us all...WE WILL SURVIVE!!!


Pictures from the Trip..^^ Some pics are kindda blurry because of the dirty car window...LOL... And I'm also posting some pics from our "Buwan ng Wika" program held in school. ☼

Kidapawan Trip~~

"Buwan ng Wika" Program~~

Note: I just found this link for all the screenshots of the previous Hana Kimi Japan Episodes... ^^ Hope you like it all...♥♥♥ Hana Kimi Japan SCREENSHOTS

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