Saturday, 8 September 2007


I was checking my YouTube account because I haven't checked it for ages. And iloveKat-tun from Cruchyroll had a link of her fave video of YAMAPI!!! *AHHH!!!Yamapi* So I hurriedly checked it out.

Here's my most favorite
LIVE version of Daite Senorita .lol...You'll really shout!!!AHHH!!!

Original Version of Daite Senorita by Yamapi and also the theme song of the Japanese Drama, "Kurosagi." Starred by Yamapi himself and Maki Horikita, who played as Nobuta in "Nobuta wo Produce."

And another favorite Music Video of mine is Renaissance Remade 2005 starred by Lee wan from the Korean Drama, "Tree of Heaven." And Han Hyo Joo, who played as Eun-Young in the Korean Drama, "Spring Waltz."

Anyway, I just finished the 5 episode Japanese Drama, "Tokyo Friends..." And I think it was great though the drama was quite hanging...I also just finished watching the continuation movie of it. {Tokyo Friends, The Movie}...though the first half of the movie wouldn't be considered a continuation but more of a summarized movie for the drama...But the other half's the real continuation. So I would recommend you to watch the episode first before the movie. But depends on your decision..^^

Here's one of the OST's of "Tokyo Friends" entitled "Friends"

Tokyo Friends (Mov...

Hope you liked it...It was sang and composed by Ai Otsuka...

September 7, 2007

We had our Gala ,which was lead by or class, the 3rd Year Class. The topic for today was about wisdom. And I think we all learned a lot. Our teacher told us that, "Only WISDOM can save your life."

Wisdom is something very valuable. Without wisdom you couldn't decide what right things should be done. Teenagers today don't really know how to use wisdom anymore or they lose their sense wisdom because of the worldly influences. Anyway, we also became the topic of the Gala because of the Cheating incident and I actually became one of the witnesses. Though I haven't witnessed anything. Now, I feel really guilty because I don't want him, my younger brother, to think that I'm betraying him or something like that. But I do hope he admits to it and would change his attitude.

We had our C.A.T. and as usual it was scary and tiring because you need to stand up for a long time. After that, we had our clubs. And it was fun playing, though our coach was in a bad mood like he always is. We all do try our best. Tomorrow we are going to have a Soccer Game and I don't really want to come because I just want to sleep longer. Wahehe. But I have no choice but to go. My parents and sister are preparing to leave for cagayan because they're going to have a Recognition there. I hope to see my sister dance. LOL> I haven't really seen her dance yet. And my sister has been really uninterested to everything I say. I don't know what's wrong or what did i do wrong to make her be like that towards me. Hayz... hope she becomes more friendly to me.

I also learned that my brother and are the exact opposites when it comes to sensitivity. My brother is an INSENSITIVE person while I am an OVERSENSITIVE person. Maybe that's why we always seem to fight. But we are trying hard to overcome these differences. It may be hard but we will surely try.

September 8, 2007

Today, my parents and my older sister are heading for cagayan. And I will surely miss them. They'll not be here until Sunday Evening which leaves me with my younger brother, cousin and our ate. And I had my Soccer Game today at 9 am till 4 pm. It was really tiring...LOL. But Fun. Though we didn't win but i think it was worth an experience.LOL. I also bought my fave fruit, RAMBUTAN! makes me remember my grandfather who always brings rambutan everytime he visits us. I MISS HIM A LOT!!! We haven't spent that much time together but I know that grandfather knows that I LOVE HIM!!!


Anyway, I just found the Special Episode of 1 Litre of Tears!!! Though it has no subs. I'm currently watching it and analyzing what they are talking about because I can't understand Japanese but by their actions I try. LOL... Thanks to nomanymore for sharing the video...

While watching the movie everytime Asou-kun (Ryo Nishikido) cries. I feel his pain and cry with him...Ryo really is a good actor because he can capture the hearts of the people that watch him.


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Current Fave Music: Orange Range - Taiyou Ikenai{Hana Kimi Jap Opening Theme}, Ai Otsuka - Peach{Hana Kimi Jap Ending Theme}, Ai Otsuka - Renai Shaishin{Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru OST}, Tears - Ai Otsuka{Tokyo Friends OST}, Friends - Ai Otsuka{Tokyo Friends OST}

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