Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Always Hope and Have Faith...

Rays of Hope By Ugly-Baka-Girl

I actually have a lot of things in mind to write. Aside from our teachers still continuing on comparing us with the other 3rd Year Batches and us still becoming more and more disrespectful towards them. Well, I'm not really saying that all of us are disrespecting our teachers. Though most of us do... And they often do funny faces when the teachers aren't looking.

I feel that this is the hardest and toughest time of my life right now. Our M.A.P.E.H. teacher told us that when we grow older we will just laugh at this experience. It may seem hard now but when we grow up we'll just laugh at ourselves. Talking to our M.A.P.E.H. teacher made us feel more at ease and more encouraged to go on. He also told us that "Stress" was targeting more younger age because of technology. Technology actually causes more stress than relieving stress when used in a wrong way. I do think so too now. When your mad you usually head to your computer and watch T.V. instead right? Well... instead of letting your anger out or thinking of solving the problem you try to hide and runaway from it instead. And because of this the problem gets bigger and uncontrollable. He also said that staring blankly or talking to yourself can help relieve stress and solve problems that only
YOU can solve because your the only one who knows what that problem is. Our teacher also explained to us that the greatest enemies we have are OURSELVES.I really learned a lot today. And I was reminded of the things that I almost forgot.

One way to solve problems is to laugh at it and don't dwell on it too much because it will add another wrinkle on your face. ^^ I know everyone's having a good day!!! because God never made a day that wasn't good. It is just how others see their lives that make it not good. So, view everyday as if it's your last day on earth. Appreciate everything and anyone around you because you never know.

Today I heard a SHOCKING NEWS!!! It was about my older sister's College Friends and also became my friends because they often hang out here at home and watch Movies. The news shocked me and worried me a lot... because they got into a car accident. I don't know the details yet. All I heard from the news was that 1 was dead and 9 were badly injured. I know they'll recover soon. And I wanna visit them and make them smile though I'm not really someone to them.^^

So, guys value every moment you are here on earth... Have fun and smile always!!!

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