Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Soccer in the Rain!!!

Today, as usual the weather's CHILLY! I woke up really early...about 2 am because I had to finish my assignments and projects. I was really dizzy and groggy...I really tried to control myself not to fall asleep or else I'll suffer the consequences later. And I really did control myself... I didn't fall asleep... HOORAY!!! I finished my Report but didn't finish my assignments because I didn't understand it.

When I arrived in school I heard that there was a hold napping case just near the school. That's why the road was in a traffic-jam because of it. Anyway, I think the situations ok now.

Aside from that, Ex-President Joseph Estrada's verdict for his cases, plunder and purgery, was announced today. I don't really know much about this news so I can't be sure of the infos I know. I heard that he was guilty in one of the cases and is sentenced to be in prison for 30-40 years more. To know more about it, you can visit this link---> ABS-CBN: Erap Verdict article {September 12, 2007}

Our Soccer Practice today was fun because it was raining. It was also a first time for me to play under the rain!!! YAY!!! Bwahaha... It was fun doing drills while feeling the drizzling rain and the chilly air. hmmmm....Aside from that, I'm planning on making a goal book. Actually, a korean movie entitled "Sunflower" gave me the idea and motivated me to make one. ^^ I just feel that it would be fun writing things you haven't experience yet and then crossing them out one-by-one everytime you accomplish one. I feel that I would feel great...LOL...^^

Tomorrow's going to be my friend, Albert's birthday... Wish him the happiest birthday EVER!!! bwahaha...And i'll be posting the September Celebrants next time..^^ I'll update later..when I've got time!!

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