Wednesday, 3 October 2007

To Kuya!!!!

"Untitled Poem"

I always try to look and see
If are there any messages for me
I couldn't wait to hear what you'll say
About something fun you just did today

I even smile just hearing your song
Makes me feel like I belong
I couldn't help but sing along
Even if my tone is wrong

It's good to know your always fine
because I know you'll always shine
A smile from you is all I need
because you know that's all I plead

Your always there
When things go tough
That is why you are so loved
Everyone likes the way you are

And I don't think
You are that far
We have this link
That could reach until Mars

It's actually quite hanging right?bwahah..^^ well...i'll try to think of another ending stanza..^^

I made this poem while I was studying for exams... Made especially for my KUYA!!!^^ bwahaha...He's my knight and shining armor...^^He's my everything and so much more. So respect him...Well..I hope my kuya will like it though..^^

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