Tuesday, 3 July 2007



Well...Every thing's going way to fast. I sometimes want to just pause things and stop for awhile.
A lot of things have been happening these past few days.
A lot of activities and events.
3 days ago was the "Pinoy Big Brother Big Night" which I didn't really watch from the start since I was so tired I slept and woke up only after they announced the PBB Big Winner which was Beatriz!! Whom I also like aside from Gee-ann, Bodie & Nel.

Aside from that, we're going to have a Soccer Friendly game with Davao Christian Highschool. And I'm quite nervous about it. But from what I've learned these past few days. That no matter what happens "Always Think POSITIVELY!!" Actually our game was really scheduled last Saturday but due to bad weather we had to cancel it and re-schedule it this week saturday.

Just this afternoon me, Maranatha, LJ, Ate KD, Ate Chezka, Kuya Nico, Ate Lois, Ate Eula, Lemuel, Josiah & Kuya Luke went to the Barangay Ma-a Hall to compete with 3 more schools in the vicinity of Ma-a only. I was really nervous. I kept flipping my spelling book because I was competing in the "Spelling Bee..." with Kuya Nico and Maranatha. While I was waiting and watching for ate KD, Ate Chezka and LJ finish competing for the "Quiz Bowl.." I really can't make myself to calm down. When they finally finished and it was our turn I made myself forget about being nervous and Blacking-out during the contest. So I kept singing songs silently. On the first round my hand were really very cold but after the first I got some confidence and started to think more clearly. On the final tally I got 26 points all in all but I had one more competitor with the same score as mine so we had a tie breaker for the 3rd place. The tie breaker word given was "Rwanda." Since I didn't know the spelling of "Rwanda" instead I spelled it "Rojanda." Obviously I was wrong and my oponent was right so he got the 3rd place. It was quite disappointing but now I'm ok with it. Right now I'm more motivated to read more books and read newspapers more. Since I wanted to learn a lot of things...

Next time I'll do my best and surpass what I have achieved. I just need a little more POSITIVE THINKING...lol...

NOTE: ahhh!!! Here I go again. getting conscious about what I'm saying.LOL. I'm afraid that people might get offended with things I'm saying. I hope I'm not being boastful. Please if ever you think my posts are getting offensive message me right away. And I will respect your comments about my post!!! Hope you'll enjoy here in my BLOG!!! see yah!!!


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GOAL: Read and read and read more books as I can *just got too motivated and inspired to read more good books to learn a lot of things at the same time*...
What I wanna do *This very MOMENT*: I wanna draw...!!

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