Sunday, 17 June 2007

Father's Day

"Father's Day"

Since Father's Day gonna be tomorrow I decided to share some of my experience during Father's Day.

Well...First I need to explain what do we do during Father's Day. Father's Day is time for us to celebrate how Great our Dads are. How good they are. This is the time we reward them for being the "GREATEST DAD!!" It's the time we make him the Happiest Man on Earth...right?

Last, last year we were tasked by our tita's to make a card for our dads. I made a very special one. I made it really personal because I thought we were simply gonna hand it to our dads...But unfortunately we were gonna read it in front of our relatives. We had no choice. We lined up and started to read our cards. Everybody got emotional esp. me. I'm scared of talking in front of a lot people, that's one reason for me to get emotional. Then I started to read. I didn't know why. But when i read the words, "Your smile is very rare.." I started to cry uncontrollably. Actually my dad doesn't smile that much[but now he does. I make him smile really wide when I just stare at him and smile...LOL]...Back to my story...Then my legs started to feel really numb. I couldn't barely feel them nor let them move. All I could do was hang on to my dad and embrace him really tight. But after awhile i regained my strength again...phew...

Here's another Blog Post made by my sister for my dad...really touching one too...i'm crying right now..wahehe..she's really good with expressing what she feels with

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