Sunday, 17 June 2007

Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End

"Pirates of the Caribbean: At world's End"
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Another exciting Movie!!! Another movie that I watched with my whole family, usually Mom doesn't go with us every time we watch a movie in the theater she prefers shopping than watching a movie inside the theater. The first time she went in during the middle part of the Movie(Spiderman3) she already wanted to go home. And the second time(Pirates of the Caribbean 3) she went in, Mom fell asleep. Anyway... Back to the topic...

Pirates of the Caribbean was great. Especially the ending... The 'real' ending after the credits. A lot of people didn't see the last part because they left before the credits finished. Fortunately we stayed for a few moments and saw the ending.

I also love the funny parts like Captain Jack Sparrow talking to himself... bwahaha... And the 2 British Guards who became Pirates...LOL.. And also the parrot and monkey... If you saw the movie you would know what I am saying ..LOL..

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